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By Koji Hashimoto

Superstring conception is a promising concept which could in all probability unify the entire forces and the issues in particle physics. a brand new multi-dimensional item generally known as "D-brane" was once stumbled on. It tremendously replaced our viewpoint of a unified international. We could survive membrane-like hypersurfaces in larger dimensions ("braneworld scenario"), or we will be able to create blackholes at particle accelarators, or the dynamics of quarks is proven to be corresponding to the better dimensional gravity thought. most of these eventualities are defined during this publication with simple phrases yet with little use of equations and with many figures. The publication starts off with a precis of long-standing difficulties in user-friendly particle physics and explains the D-branes and plenty of purposes of them. It ends with destiny roads for a unified final concept of our world.

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1 /2 2 V. 7) Here, we give the potential term V . / as V. / D 1 . 8) m and are constant parameters. 9) because the action is all written by terms of even powers of . This is the symmetry of our concern. 7 Toy models are various mathematical models (in particular, field theories) which physicists often use in favor. Reasons of actual phenomena of physics have varieties, and furthermore, are complicatedly involved each other. Therefore, we consider a hypothetical simple physics theory (a toy model) at first and examine its properties, and then by comparing them with the actual phenomena, we learn principles hidden behind the actual phenomena – this is our strategy.

Suppose that a certain point (point X in the figure) on the spherical surface is chosen by the vacuum condensation. Then, although the symmetry rotating the whole spherical surface arbitrarily is broken, the symmetry rotating the spherical surface while keeping the chosen point fixed remains unbroken. Since this remaining symmetry does not change the circumference of equal distance from the chosen point, it is equivalent to the symmetry of the electromagnetism which we saw in the example of the vortex in 2-dimensional space.

Hierarchy problem: Why gravity is so weak? One of the reasons why the gravity is not included in the standard model is, besides the problem of the quantization of gravity, that it is very weak compared to the other forces and so can be ignored at a first approximation. All the other forces are included in the standard model, for example the electromagnetic forces. So, the question is: why the gravity only is so weak? Is there any qualitative difference in theoretical formulation, between the gravitational forces and the other forces?

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