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By Rodrigo Branas

This publication is a realistic advisor packed with real-world examples to help you become aware of the easiest practices of the AngularJS framework, overlaying its most crucial strategies reminiscent of directives, expressions, filters, and modules and guiding you thru the stairs of creating your personal internet application.

You will commence by way of studying the way to create reusable elements with directives, experiencing an expressive manner of constructing software program. Then we'll movement directly to disguise info dealing with, and you'll easy methods to use many of the positive factors of the AngularJS framework to complete any problem on the topic of featuring, reworking, and validating facts on a user's interface.

After that, we are going to discover the secrets and techniques of the dependency injection mechanism to be had in AngularJS, bringing reuse and testability for your software by way of decoupling the layers. The e-book also will conceal the simplest practices of utilizing the framework and the way to automate the try and the project's workflow.

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However, because HTML is case insensitive, we can use a lowercase form. For the ngModel directive, we can use ng-model, ng:model, ng_model, data-ng-model, and x-ng-model in the HTML markup. Using AngularJS built-in directives By default, a framework brings with it a basic set of directives such as iterate over an array, execute a custom behavior when an element is clicked, or even show a given element based on a conditional expression, and many others. The ngApp directive The ngApp directive is the first directive we need to understand because it defines the root of an AngularJS application.

Plate" > Park The ngOptions directive The ngRepeat directive can be used to create the options of a select element; however, there is a much more recommended directive that should be used for this purpose—the ngOptions directive. Through an expression, we need to indicate the property of the scope from which the directive will iterate, the name of the temporary variable that will hold the content of each loop's iteration, and the property of the variable that should be displayed.

It throws an error if the controller is not defined within the require directive. In our last example, each accordion is independent. We can open and close all of them at our will. active; }); }); } }; }); Now, we need to define the controller inside the accordion directive; otherwise, an error will be thrown that says the controller can't be found. controller The controller is pretty similar to the link function and has almost the same parameters, except itself. However, the purpose of the controller is totally different.

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