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Hold- 1. ; Wait! : -+Hold it! Let's hear what the platoon leader has to say. 2. [to hold one's horses] to be calm or patient: -+Hold your horses! Continue working until we are dismissed. 3. [to hold one's own] to lose no ground; to keep She can hold her own in any one's position: argument with the managers. 4. [to hold one's tongue] to not talk: -+Hold your tongue! I don't want to hear any more about it. 5. [to hold someone to something] to expect one to do something that was Christopher's family held him to his promised: promise to visit every Friday evening.

The colonel is on the hot line with the Pentagon. 3. [hot 30 huff- [in a huff] part; near the end of something: -+ When we pass the next small town, we'll be over the hump. Student Notes D ice - 1. [on ice] in reserve; held for later use: -+ Let's hold this box of books on ice just in case more people show up later. 2. [to be/skate on thin ice] in a precarious situation: -+ Be careful what you say today. You're already on thin ice. the information highway - the Internet and all the data it can rapidly provide: -+ Thanks to the information highway, students in rural areas can access web sites all over the world.

6. [to lay it in his/her lap] to give him/her the problem: -+ If Robert can handle it, then why not lay it in his lap? 7. [to lay it on thick] to give excessive praise/flattery: -+ I know Ross deserved praise, but the boss really laid it on thick at the ceremony. 8. [to lay it out on the table] to explain clearly and completely: -+ Since we don 't understand his plan, we'll have to ask the major to lay it out on the table. 9. [to lay one 's cards on the table] to explain all the details; to make one's intentions clear: Fred laid his cards on the table so we knew exactly what he planned to do.

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