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Hinduism is assuredly the fountain-head of all religions.It includes inside itself the seeds of all religions.It is yet common that individuals world wide should still convey expanding curiosity in a faith so universal.The acclaim for this e-book might be gauged from the truth that it bumped into Ten re-prints after it was once published first time within the yr 1947.

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Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism

Sexuality and the occult arts have lengthy been linked within the western mind's eye, however it was once now not till the 19th century that a huge and complicated physique of literature on sexual magic--the use of intercourse as a resource of magical power--emerged. This ebook, the 1st historical past of western sexual magic as a contemporary non secular culture, areas those practices within the context of the bigger discourse surrounding sexuality in American and ecu society during the last one hundred fifty years to find how sexual magic used to be remodeled from a terrifying medieval nightmare of heresy and social subversion right into a glossy perfect of non-public empowerment and social liberation.

A Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti: Essential Teachings of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhup? da (1896-1977), founding father of the Hare Krishna circulation, traced his lineage to the fifteenth-century Indian saint Sri Chaitanya. He authored greater than fifty volumes of English translation and commentaries on Sanskrit and Bengali texts, serving as a medium among those far away gurus and his sleek Western readership and utilizing his writings as blueprints for non secular swap and a revolution in awareness.

Rearming Hinduism

Rearming Hinduism is a instruction manual for highbrow resistance. via an astute and devastating critique of Hinduphobia in modern-day academia, media and pop culture, Vamsee Juluri exhibits us that what the Hinduphobic worldview denies virulently is not just the reality and style of Hindu inspiration, however the very integrity and sanctity of the wildlife itself.

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They all declare with one voice, that of all books so far written in any human language, the Rig-Veda Samhita is undoubtedly the oldest. No antiquarian has been able to fix the date when the Rig-Veda Samhita was composed or came to light. THE CHANGING DHARMA Just as a doctor prescribes different medicines for different people according to their constitution and the nature of their disease, so also Hinduism prescribes different duties for different people. Rules for women are different from the rules for men.

None of these qualities is highly developed in them. They serve the other three castes. In a broad sense, a Sattvic man, who is pious and virtuous and leads the divine life, is a Brahmana, a Rajasic man with heroic quality is a Kshatriya, a Rajasic man with business tendencies is a Vaisya and a Tamasic man is a Sudra. Hitler and Mussolini were Kshatriyas. Ford was a Vaisya. Serenity, self-restraint, austerity, purity, forgiveness, and also, uprightness, knowledge, Realisation and belief in God are the duties of the Brahmanas, born of (their own) nature.

PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT AND WRONG Everybody speaks: “This is right, that is wrong; you are right, he is wrong;” but he cannot tell you exactly what he means by ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. What is the criterion by which we judge an action to be right or wrong, and good or bad? “Right and wrong” and “good and bad” are relative terms. Right and wrong refer to the moral standard, as law. Good and bad refer to it, as end. You will have to adjust your conduct according to this moral standard. That which is in accordance with a rule is right.

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