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By Bertell Ollman

During this e-book, the main thorough account of Marx's conception of alienation but to have seemed in English, Professor Ollman reconstructs the speculation from its constituent elements and gives it as a vantage aspect from which to view the remainder of Marxism. The ebook extra features a precise exam of Marx's philosophy of inner family members, the a lot ignored logical foudation of his strategy, and offers a scientific account of Marx's perception of human nature. due to its nearly exact difficulty with aiding readers comprehend Marx's strange use of language, Alienation has confirmed extremely popular in college classes on Marxism on either undergraduate and graduate degrees. the 1st version used to be greatly reviewed, and during this re-creation Professor Ollman replies to his critics in 'More on inner relations,' released the following as Appendix II. as well as this new appendix the writer now presents a extra systematic dialogue of Marx's concept of ideology, components of which have been previously dispersed during the e-book. He additionally makes an attempt to set the therapy of political alienation in the broader framework of Marx's idea of the nation as a version of the way an technique in line with inner relatives can be utilized to combine a number of it seems that contradictory interpretations of Marx's perspectives.

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