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Contract regulations in Persian is the 1st accomplished try to take on the difficulty of verbal contract in Persian from a cross-linguistic viewpoint. Persian is a box of study inside theoretical linguistics that's but to be sufficiently explored. This booklet adopts Chomsky's Minimalist application that is on the vanguard of modern theories of formal syntax, and applies it to the Persian language. even though it is often believed that during Persian the verb is of the same opinion with the topic, a number of structures appear to constrain this compulsory rule. Adopting the framework of disbursed Morphology, the writer argues that contract is actually acquired with the plural inanimate matters yet a morphological rule may perhaps block the outcome. in contrast to the former analyses which reflect on the experiencer because the topic of the mental structures, the writer argues that the mental nation is the topic of the sentence. The findings of this e-book not just give a contribution to raised knowing of Persian syntax, but additionally have vital implications for grammar concept.

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Door three part man sitting be-3sg*lbe-3pl 1bree men were sitting in front of the door In (97), it is impossible for the DP se tii mt:erd (three men) to appear with the verb in the 3"\g and must have the plural morphology on the verb. Karimi (2005) argues that the subject does not have to move out of the vP, and the only position where the specific subject and the verb can establish an Agree relation for the purposes of the Nominative Case and Agreement checking is the Spec of vP. 26 Accordingly, Karimi (2005) suggests the following for the Persian Nominative Case and subject-verb agreement.

Ru MIZ -e]i ket§b-li-ye to ti on table -be3sg book-pl-Ez you Intended meaning: Your books are on the table (101) a. [SABZ shod-an]1 deraxt-li green became-3pl tree-pl The trees have become green. deraxt-li b. [SABZ shode]i green became-3sg tree-pl c. *[SABZ deraxt-li-ye shode]I green became-3sg tree-pl-czarc Our trees have become green ti ti mli our ti (Karimi 2005: 98) In (100-101), the subjects ketab-a (books), ketlih-a-ye to (your books), deraxt-ti (trees), and deraxt-ti-ye ma (our trees) appear post-verbally and the verb has moved to the initial position.

I) the most straightforward situation is when there is a nominative subject in the construction. In that case, the nominative subject is responsible for verb agreement (as in other languages). This can be seen in example (46) where the nominative subject is in the 1ot person plural and the verb agrees with it. Acc We elected the girl Sigur~sson (1992:2) II) If there is a quirky subject in the construction. and that quirky subject is the only argument, then agreement is not obtained and the verb appears in a default/3'%g form Sigur~sson (2000).

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