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By Godfrey Nolan

This concise e-book walks you thru the best way to get unit checking out and attempt pushed improvement performed on Android, in particular utilizing JUnit four. You'll how you can do agile improvement quick and properly, with an important raise in improvement potency and a discount within the variety of defects.

Agile practices have made significant inroads in Java improvement, even though it's very strange to determine anything as simple as unit checking out on an Android undertaking. performed effectively, Agile improvement leads to an important bring up in improvement potency and a discount within the variety of defects. Google have ultimately moved clear of JUnit three and the developer can now do the traditionally authorised JUnit four exams in Android Studio.

Up beforehand getting JUnit checking out up and operating in Android used to be no longer for the "faint hearted." despite the fact that, "now it's in Android Studio, there's no excuse," in keeping with the writer Godrey Nolan, president of RIIS LLC. Android builders are confronted with their very own set of difficulties equivalent to tightly coupled code, fragmentation, immature trying out instruments all of which are solved utilizing latest Agile instruments and strategies that this brief publication will train you.

What You'll Learn:
- What are the most important Android unit trying out instruments and the way to take advantage of them in Android Studio
- what's the Agile trying out pyramid for Android
- while to take advantage of coffee and whilst to take advantage of JUnit
- what's mock checking out and the way to exploit Mockito on your Android apps
- What are and the way to exploit 3rd celebration instruments like Hamcrest, Roblectric, Jenkins and more
- tips on how to observe attempt pushed improvement (TDD) to Android
- how one can upload unit checking out to a person else's code

This e-book is for Android app builders searching for an part to construct higher caliber Android apps. a few event with Java additionally beneficial.

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