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By Karin Pittner, Daniela Elsner, Fabian Barteld

Adverbs as a note classification are notoriously tricky to outline. the amount offers with the delimitation of this type, its inner constitution, the morphological makeup of adverbs and their positions in syntactic constructions. a better examine diachronic advancements sheds gentle at the features of adverbial word-formation. bearing in mind adverbs in German, English, Dutch, French and Italian, the contributions to this quantity offer new insights into the features of this heterogeneous and multi-faceted class and may be of curiosity to linguists operating within the fields of morphology, syntax and language switch.

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HEAD noun [CASE genitive], and contextual features, described, for instance, as SUBCAT 〈DetP〉 or SUBCAT 〈NP[genitive]〉. The examples indicate that inflectional properties are specified as well because they are syntactically relevant. The syntactic principles and schemata interacting with the lexically specified properties of words to construct the structure of the sentences of a language and to determine which positions the words may occupy include the Head Feature Principle, the Subcategorization Principle and various schemata of the Immediate Dominance Principle.

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