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In chapter 4 especially, I will entertain the hypothesis that elementary trees are constructed using derivations much like those considered in Chomsky 2000, involving Merge and Move. 4. , that are combined by Adjoining and Substitution) in a given language has no more status than the set of well-formed phrase markers in the theory developed in Chomsky 2000. 4, the Merge/Move portion of the derivation cannot interact with the TAG portion of the derivation, involving applications of Adjoining and Substitution.

The remainder of this chapter outlines the fundamentals of the TAG formal system and sketches its potential role in linguistic description. 2 TAG Basics Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) (Joshi, Levy, and Takahashi 1975; Joshi 1985) was developed some twenty-five years ago as a mathematically restrictive formulation of a mechanism for structural composition, inspired in part by Chomsky’s earlier work on generalized transformations. , regular, context-free, context-sensitive, and unrestricted grammars), TAG is a system of tree rewriting in which a derivation manipulates a set of predefined pieces of tree structure, called elementary trees.

28 Chapter 1 The daughters of a given node N represent the trees that are adjoined or substituted into the elementary tree represented by N. Since there may be ambiguity about where in an elementary tree another tree is substituted or adjoined (owing to the presence of multiple nodes with the same categorial label within a single elementary tree), the links connecting any pair of nodes are annotated with the location in the mother elementary tree where Adjoining or Substitution has taken place.

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