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By Martina Häcker

This examine offers a accomplished syntactic and semantic research of a geographically balanced corpus of written and spoken texts, in modern Scots (including the author's personal box recordings), amply illustrated with examples, therefore creating a significant contribution to the sphere of English dialect grammar.

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Not all regions of Scots-speaking Scotland are equally productive as far as narrative in Scots is concerned, nor are all age groups. Nevertheless, the database covers all the major dialect regions of Scotland, except Orkney and Galloway, for which insufficient material was available. It was possible to obtain spoken material from all regions with the exception of Caithness. All age groups are represented in both corpora, with the exception of children, whose speech is only recorded in one spoken text.

In spoken language intonational marking may be in conflict with structural marking, as speech is on-line processing and therefore even minor ad 16 Part I. Scope and methodology hoc changes, such as the addition of an afterthought, will be noticeable in a careful analysis of spoken discourse. Major changes, such as anakolutha, which may obscure the structural organisation of clauses into larger units, are mainly restricted to self-monitored speech and are rare in spontaneous narratives (Halliday 1987: 68).

34 Part I. 5. A function-based definition of adverbial subordinators Adverbial subordinators are lexical items (words or phrases) "which specify some semantic interclausal (or: circumstantial, adverbial) relationship between the subordinate clause over which they operate and the modified matrix clause" (Kortmann 1997: 56). They are the most frequent marker of adverbial clauses and predominantly, but not exclusively, introduce finite adverbial clauses. With the exception of one type of finite adverbial clauses adverbial subordinators occur in clause-initial position.

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