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By Guglielmo Cinque, Giuliana Giusti

The purpose of the ebook is to assemble and make on hand to the general public fresh reports on Roumanian within the framework of Generative Grammar. all of the reviews may be regarded as hugely complicated from either the empirical and the theoretical standpoint. in truth, they care for some of the phenomena that differentiate this language from different well-studied ones, adopting and additional bettering fresh advancements in linguistic concept. during this admire the ebook contributes either to Roumanian reviews and to theoretical linguistics. those reviews conceal significant parts of common syntactic research: the syntax of nominal expressions (Giusti on determiners, Grosu on unfastened relative clauses), clausal constitution (Motapanyane), clitic placement (Dobrovie-Sorin), and morpho-semantics (Farkaş and Zec). In so doing, they tackle the issues of the definition and refinement of the idea of sensible projections, contributing new rules and proof for his or her formula.

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AL varies for gender and number, inheriting the gender, number, and case of the noun that 6-marks the Gen; its basic four forms are once again given below: (35) a. b. c. d. SG. SG. SG. SG. PL. PL. PL. regelui "friend(s) of the king" In addition, AL varies for case, but its morphology is defective; it lacks the Gen - Dat singular form, having only the Gen - Dat plural alor (itself with a restricted use)5. AL is thus a functional word defined by the following features: [α-Case, α-Number, a-Gender, 3rd Person].

French past participles illustrate the connection between agree­ ment and structural case in that only structurally case-marked objects trigger past participle agreement. Compare (i) and (ii): (i) a. Quelles lettres Gustave a-t-il écritES ? b. Les lettres que Gustave a écritES (ii) a. Combien de lettres a-t-il écrit(*es) b. Combien de lettres est-il arrivé(*ES). In the framework of Belletti (1988), Chomsky (1992), a. , this contrast may be explained by saying that in the sentences (i), on its way to SpecCP, the DO transits through the Spec of a functional Object Agreement position, as in (iii).

In fact, we 46 RUMANIAN GENITIVE CONSTRUCTIONS assumed that because this position is postnominal, and the N moves higher up in the DP, it leaves behind the agreeing Gen-assigner AL. When the regular Gen is prenominal, it occurs with AL as case-assigner. The prenominal position of the Gen, in conjunction with the absence of AL, suggests that the second Gen position is not licensed by the head noun. In fact this is precisely why two Gens become possible: one is regularly licensed by the noun, through the agreeing determiner AL, the second must have a different source.

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