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This ebook teaches the fundamentals of accomplice acrobatics with kids and youths. It exhibits the reader the best way to manage perform periods and set up performances. a pragmatic part provides basic acrobatic figures that experience proved to be of worth in perform.

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It is not enough to simply stand on stage and construct and deconstruct one formation after another because no later than the second pyramid, the unaware spectator will no longer be able to distinguish between the structures. But it gets exciting when one pyramid turns into a second pyramid, which then dissolves into individual or partner formations only to reassemble into another human diagram. For instance, many fantasy formations work well as transitions. Somersaults and cartwheels can turn a position change into a tableau.

1 Correct Posture Correct posture is essential to all exercises. It is necessary in the prevention of overloading. This should be particularly stressed with beginners. One of the important basic positions when building a human pyramid is the bench position (see fig. 2). Fig. 2: Correct vertical arm and leg position Incorrect arm and leg position Important Basic Biomechanical Principles The arms should be shoulder-width apart, the legs hip-width apart. Arms and legs must be in a completely vertical position at all times so the body weight of the person on top can be transferred directly to the floor.

The meaning of the term should be clarified. Acrobatics is a game played with balance where everyone can participate without worries. This introductory conversation will create an essential foundation for a relaxed learning atmosphere that is absolutely necessary for working together. An ambience should be created that facilitates confidence and makes it easier for participants to accommodate and respect each other. For this reason, plenty of time should be allowed for preparatory exercises; nothing should be rushed or forced.

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