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By Thorstein Veblen

Absentee possession is an inquiry into financial situations as they've got taken form within the 20th century, quite as exemplified when it comes to the US. in keeping with Thorstein Veblen, absentee possession is the most and speedy controlling curiosity within the lifetime of civilied males.

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Of trade always accrue to one and another of the vested interests of the absentee owners, at the cost of the underlying population. National Integrity 35 This protectionist sabotage on trade is a piece of the nationalist politics called Imperialism. Imperialism is dynastic politics under a new name, carried on for the benefit of absentee owners instead of absentee princes; but so far as regards its bearing on the material fortunes of the underlying community it all comes to the same thing. All the civilised nations are beset with imperi­ alistic ambitions, and so far as their limitations will per­ mit them they are all occupied with imperialistic schemes; that is to say schemes for the benefit of their vested busi­ ness interests, masked as schemes for the aggrandise­ ment of the nation.

All this seems foolish, of course. · And it was for a democracy of this complexion that the world once was to have been made safe. So also of course it is at least extremely doubtful if any stretch of human fantasy could have designed and embroidered such an extraordinary conception of citizen-sovereignty, if it had not been that the maggoty conceit of princely divine right was ready to hand,­ an institutional heirloom handed down to the democratic commonwealth from the days of the Grace of God; the days of dynastic state-making and princely bishops ; when the Lord's anointed "tore each other in the slime" of political intrigue, while they visited upon the underly9 "Men jeg er denne Kong Apis, Det ser jeg saa soleklart; Og dersom du ikke forstaar det Saa skal du forstaa det snart.

45 In terms of the nearest modern analogy he would be a tramp, a drifter, a hobo, a species of Indus­ trial Worker of the World at large, taking that term in its simpler and more sinister meaning. new order of industry and the underlying factor of an eventual new dispensation in law and custom. But in his own time and in that institutional setting he was a graceless intruder and a good deal of a nuisance, as still is likely to be the case with any human material that does not fit into the framework of current use and wont.

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