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However, style itself is a very problematic concept. ’ Leech and Short in their groundbreaking and still seminal Style in Fiction themselves give a very general definition: “It refers to the way in which language is used in a given context, by a given person, for a given purpose, and so on” (Leech and Short 1981: 10). Despite such a broad definition, they go on to make several crucial points about the nature of style, or styles. In particular, style may refer to “the linguistic habits of a particular writer .

Whose voice is creating the Spanish sounds that in my mind’s ear begin to change into English? (Peden 1987: 9) As well as the aural metaphor of voice, sounds absorbed by “my mind’s ear,” what stands out in this description is the way Peden reads a text she is translating, the focus being on communication and on telling, and the range of verbal processes employed to highlight the narrative role of the text. Peden then describes the “reforming” or “recreating” of the words into the translated text, a phase which, she claims, distinguishes the work of the translator from that of the reader and the critic.

Parameters of Register analysis following Halliday (1978, 1994) Register Dimension Field (Subject Matter) Tenor (Writer-Reader Relationship) Mode (Structure And Formality) Discourse semantics ideational function interpersonal function textual function Lexicogrammatical realization transitivity structures, terminology, denotation modality, pronouns, evaluative epithets/ appraisal cohesion, thematic and information structures Discursive Presence, Voice, and Style in Translation 23 The variable Register dimensions together form what Halliday calls the context of situation: these variables are Field (what is the topic of the text), Tenor (the writer-reader relationship), and Mode (what linguistically holds the text together and helps to give it its cohesion and helps to produce psychological coherence).

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