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A Species In Denial is Jeremy Griffith's definitive paintings at the human situation after 30 years writing at the topic. Foreword by way of Templeton Prize profitable biologist, Charles Birch. Addresses the crux factor of the human situation, our potential for stable and evil, describing how people have coped with the drawback via residing in denial of it. The publication then explains the organic explanation for the human situation, finishing the denial and maturing humanity to mental freedom. Examines technological know-how, faith, politics, psychiatry, mythology, women and men.

There is an creation to the topic of the human after which 4 striking essays: interpreting Plato's Cave Allegory, Resignation, Bringing Peace to the warfare among the Sexes and the Denial-Free historical past Of The Human Race, The Demystification of faith. The e-book concludes with a short profile of the root for Humanity's maturity, a non-profit company dedicated to selling this new frontier of considering, written by way of global popular mountaineer and two times honoured Order of Australia recipient, FHA Director Tim Macartney-Snape AM.

A Species In Denial has develop into a bestseller in Australia the place it has generated terribly optimistic responses from eminent humans and the general public

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It blames the presentation. It finds reading the material ‘extremely heavy going’ and decides the concepts must be ‘poorly expressed’, or even that the text is ‘too dense’ and the concepts ‘too intellectual’ to understand. To the denial-maintaining, evasive, alienated brain the information appears ‘obscure’ and ‘impenetrable’. These terms are comments that have been made by people who have attempted to read my earlier books. Since I am dealing with the human condition, rather than living in denial of it, I do not have to merely allude to the truth, or find clever, coded, evasive, intellectual, sophisticated, esoteric ways to talk about it, as people living in denial have to.

Significantly, the longer the human journey had to continue without the reconciling understanding of the human condition, the more psychologically embattled and insecure, and thus the more in denial and alienated each generation of humans became. Once adults were corrupted and alienated, their children’s pure, original, instinctive self or soul was going to be compromised, hurt, damaged and corrupted by the unsound, dishonest environment they were having to grow up in. ‘Hurt’ has unavoidably been causing hurt since the human condition emerged.

The mind quickly brings up the blocks it has needed to protect itself from the condemning and thus depressing implications that thinking about the human condition has led to in the past. It may seem amazing, but people can read a page of those earlier two books over and over again and still not comprehend what is written there. In a typical description of this phenomenon, a married couple said: ‘We have tried very hard to read Beyond; in fact my wife and I would sit in bed and read a page together, and then re-read it a number of times, but still we couldn’t understand what was written there’ (FHA Supporter H.

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