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By A. E. Housman

A. E. Housman was once one of many best-loved poets of his day, whose poems conjure up a powerful and idyllic rural global imbued with a poignant experience of loss. they're expressed in easy rhythms, but express a good ear for the subtleties of metre and alliteration. His scope is huge -- starting from spiritual doubt to severe nostalgia for the nation-state. This quantity brings jointly 'A Shropshire Lad' (1896) and 'Last Poems' (1922), besides the posthumous choices 'More Poems' and 'Additional Poems', and 3 translations of extracts from Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides that demonstrate his mastery of Classical literature.

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Cliff James wondered why had he plowed the land in the spring why had he worked and worked his crop his wife and children alongside him in the field and now pretty soon they would all be going out again dragging their long sacks bending double in the hot sun picking Mr Parker's cotton for him. Sitting on the stoop of his cabin with his legs hanging over the rotten board edges Cliff James looked across his fields of thick green cotton In Egypt Land to the woods beyond and a thunderhead piled high in the south piled soft and white like cotton on the stoop like a big day's pick waiting for the wagon to come haul it to the gin.

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