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By Karel Werner

A multi-purpose reference paintings which should still turn into an critical spouse for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. contains a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a thesaurus of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the ancient improvement of Hinduism.

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Avatāra descent, advent; descent of god to earth; divine incarnation undertaken for the purpose of assisting the world or mankind in distress or showing it the path to salvation. The first indication of the notion of divine incarnation can be found in the RV when Aditi, the goddess of infinity, who represents the precreational dimension of reality, gave birth to the world, gods and men and then was born into the world as the daughter of one of her sons, the god (10, 72, 4–5). g. in the RV by the three steps of and in TS and SB by his appearance as a dwarf.

They are sometimes also called saviours of men and in the Vedic Pantheon they act as the adhvaryus of the gods. ‘eight-syllabled’; often used as the name of a widely popular eightsyllabled mantra which is addressed to : nama . yoga the eightfold path of training one’s body and mind for the sake of liberation according to Patañjali’s system described in the Yoga Sūtras. e. e. practice of śauca (purity), (contentment), tapas (austerity), svādhyāya (own study) and (lit. ‘surrender to God’, often interpreted as ‘self-surrender’); (3) āsana (posture); (4) (control of the life force, through breath-control); (5) pratyāhāra (sense withdrawal); (6) (concentration); (7) dhyāna (meditation); and (8) samādhi (unification).

However, since time is philosophically conceived not as an absolute measure which would express itself in a linear movement from an infinite past to an infinite future, but as a relative element which is itself a part of the cycle of manifestation, the divine transcendent source is beyond it and remains unaffected by the cycles of the manifestation of the universe. This picture would be compatible with the modern astrophysical theories of a INTRODUCTION 37 ‘pulsating universe’ periodically expanding after a ‘big bang’ and then again collapsing.

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