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By Morton S. Freeman

Do you approve of censoring the works of serious writers? a few may contend that to bowdlerize an excellent writer's paintings will be to decrease its total caliber. Others, like Thomas Bowdler, whose eraser danced over each Shakespeare play, might argue that each one modest humans may be capable of learn a good paintings with no blushing. For attacking the classics, Mr. Bowdler has been immortalized because the world's best-known, self-appointed literary censor. and due to his efforts the time period bowdlerize has turn into eponymous together with his identify. on the other hand, the notice bikini--defined as a two-piece bathing go well with for women--has been a linguistic secret seeing that 1947 whilst those fits have been first obvious at the shorelines of the French Riviera, a yr after the USA begun checking out atom bombs at the Bikini atoll of the Marshall Islands. a few surprised humans acknowledged that the influence of the scanty suit on male seashore loungers used to be just like the devastating influence of the atomic bomb. Whoosh! a less complicated and extra credible suggestion is that the bold swimsuits resembled the apparel worn via girls at the Bikini atoll. Created a few century in the past, the time period eponym is itself a coinage from Greek phrases, epi, "on" or "upon," and onama, "a name." yet its broadened that means, as dictionaries set it out, refers to a note derived from a formal identify. for example, Salisbury steak--a well known diner menu merchandise produced from universal hamburger and dressed up with brown gravy to make it extra appealing--is named for James H. Salisbury, an English medical professional who promoted a vitamin of flooring red meat. A Dictionary of Eponyms explores the origins of enormous quantities of those daily phrases from Argyle socks to zeppelins. Written in an enjoyable and anecdotal sort, and with a foreword via Edwin Newman, the publication incorporates a short biography of the person whose identify turned linked to an merchandise or idea in addition to info on how and while the identify entered the language.If you have ever questioned simply the place phrases like cardigan sweater, pamphlet, and robotic come from, Morton Freeman does greater than easily outline them--he brings them to existence.

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This, of course, may be apocryphal. From the cuts of beef have come many interesting and delectable dishes. One of the most famous comes from the eponym of a man not quite so famous—Count Paul Stroganoff, a nineteenth-century Russian diplomat. He favored thinly, sliced beef fillets sauteed and served with mushrooms and sour cream. Another recipe calls for the beef to be cooked with onions and in a sauce of consomme. " But the dish Beef Stroganoff continues on the menus of some of America's finest restaurants.

BOYCOTT A boycott is a refusal to do business or have other contaets with a person, a corporation, or a country. The word boycott, with a small "b," surfaced in 1880 when Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott (1832-1897), an English land agent for the estates of the Earl of Erne at Connaught in County Mayo, Ireland, evicted poverty-stricken tenant farmers who could not pay their rent. The farmers had been struck by a ruinous failure of crops and had little money. Captain Boycott was made a test case by the great Irish nationalist leader, Charles Parnell.

BOSWELL, BOSWELLIZE James Boswell (1740-1795) has been regarded as the foremost biographer in English literature. His great masterpiece was The Life of Samuel Johnson, the great compiler of the English dictionary. Thomas Macaulay ranked the biography first among biographies of all time. Boswell was born in Edinburgh and educated there and in Glasgow, and the University of Utrecht in Holland. He met Johnson (1709-1784) in 1763 and became such a devoted admirer that his life was shaped around Johnson.

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