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By Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (1874-1926), whose actual identify was once Erik Weisz, was once some of the most well-known magicians and escapologists of all time. He used to be hugely sceptical of the numerous claims made bearing on psychic and paranormal phenomena, that have been extremely popular within the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries. He attended thousands of seances for the needs of his research, and not skilled one he believed real. during this publication, released in 1924, he defined the mediums and psychics whom he printed as fraudulent, exposing the methods which had confident many striking scientists and lecturers.

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Finally Home ran away and lived with a titled English woman, shunning Rymer altogether. " In his introduction to Madame Horne's book Sir Arthur entirely forgives this rude action of Home and strongly defends his base ingratitude. " He studied elocution too and is said to have given many successful readings. * He also had the credit of being quite a musician and playing several instruments, which partially explains his accordion trick. With it all he was considerable of a linguist, toward the last being able to speak most of the modern tongues.

One loud rap (no). ' Three raps. " That night some two thousand or more persons crowded the Academy of Music to witness the sensational expose. " But certain portions of the house were packed with pronounced Spiritualists, men and women who regarded all efforts to disillusion the public as so many personal insults, and when, previous to Mrs. Kane's appearance, Dr. C. M. Richmond, a prominent New York dentist who had spent twenty years and thousands of dollars investigating mediumistic tricks and wiles explained and demonstrated in full light the full methods of producing them, this Spiritualistic contingent became decidedly hostile and when Mrs.

A MAGICIAN AMONG THE SPIRITS 15 "1 know that the pursuit of this shadowy belief has wrought upon my brain and that I am no longer myoId self. Money I have spent in thousands and thousands of dollars within a few short years to propitiate the 'mediumistic' intelligence. It is true that never once have I received a message or the token of a word that did not leave a still unsatisfied longing in my hiart, a feeling that it was not really my loved one after all who was speaking to me, or if it was my loved one that he was changed, that I hardly knew him and he hardly knew me.

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