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THE DIVERSITY OF INSTITUTIONAL AND QUALIFICATION TYPES IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE UK Within the UK there are three main types of providers of higher education, usually described as: ● Publicly funded higher education institutions (mainly universities) ● Publicly funded further education colleges teaching higher education ● Alternative providers that have generally been founded and developed without public investment, some of which are for-profit companies. Within each of these categories there is considerable variation and examples can be found within each group that are very similar to examples from a different group.

For anyone new to teaching, this will be the definitive guide. It is quite rightly described as a handbook that conveys the idea that it is a book for dipping into rather than reading from cover to cover. In this respect, it is an excellent sourcebook that pulls together material addressing many of the questions that higher education colleagues frequently raise at the start of their careers: how do you work with diverse groups? How do you engage students in the learning process? How do you supervise postgraduate research students?

Part 3: Teaching and learning in the disciplines This section includes 13 chapters that consider and explore teaching and learning in the major disciplinary groupings and current aspects of successful practice. They are written by academic staff who have taken a particular interest in the pedagogy of their own disciplines and include detailed case studies to showcase aspects of innovative practice from across the sector and from outside the United Kingdom. These chapters generally assume some background knowledge and understanding, such as from reading the chapters in Part 2.

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