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In this respect they resemble certain derivational and inflectional processes, but they do not have the syntactic status that other morphological processes do. In particular, clitics are not noun or verb heads in ordinary syntactic phrases. 3 Clitics are added to a peripheral word of a syntactic phrase. Certain clitics are positioned syntactically before a syntactic phrase and are suffixed to the first word of that phrase. Others are positioned at the end of a syntactic phrase and are suffixed to the last word of the pl'hiseproperty of clitics provides a test for wordhood.

5. 6. ikavqavpav- taaktavtaqqavtappav- affa qaffa paffa taaka taava taqqava tappava 7. sam- tasam- samma tasama 8. pikka/piga 10. pikkankig- kigga tap pika takanna takkiga 11. qam- taqqam- qamma taqqama 9. tappiktakantakkig- Possessed, plural possessum ERG EP Is 2s 3Rs 3s ABS -kka -t +ni -a -ma -vit +mi -ata lp 2p 3Rp 3p -vut -si -tik -atl-i -tta -ssi -mik -is a 12. 13. 2 DemonstTative Nominals ABSs ERGs ABSp ERGp 1. manna tamanna 2. una matuma tamatuma uuma taajissuma issuma taassuma makku tamakku uku taakku taajikkku makkua tamakkua ukua taakkua ikkua taajikkkua akku taajakku qakku taqqakku akku taajakku qakkua taqqakkua 3.

7 The abstract nominal (-niq-) "fact/act of _-ing" can be added directly to transitive verb stems to form transitive noun stems. In this case the possessor uniquely corresponds to the semantic object. =ERG/s leam-cause-ANOM=ABS/3s/s". 8 A special adverbial use of the abstract nominal occurs in the ablative singular, where it functions as a reason clause meaning "because of'. This sort of adverbial is derived from a clause in the syntax, rather than from a VP, as is the case with all other productive nominalizations.

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