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By Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

The Villain's equipment comprises Footprint Island, The Powder Keg, tips to construct the proper Villain, 4 new motion maps, and sixteen NPC head photographs, plus a crusade building sheet.

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Extra Forms On pages 47, 48, and 49 are the Campaign Handout, Villain/Henchman Sheet, and Quick Reference PC forms. We hope these are self-explanatory and GMs will put them to good use. The most powerful tool of the three is the Campaign Handout, which GMs can use to inform Heroes of what to expect from the campaign. It takes into account “The Other 100 Points” as explained on p. 134 on the GM’s Guide. The Campaign Handout includes room for GMs to approve only certain Nations, Knacks, Magic, Schools, and most anything else available in the 7th Sea RPG.

2 A known criminal is sulking in a dark corner. He’s looking to buy forged papers, find work aboard a ship, and flee the country. He’s too proud to ask for help, however, and has been sitting alone for over an hour. 3 A large man is talking loudly and pushing people around. Apparently, he’s looking for a fight. 4 A Montaigne marine is hitting on the twins. They appear to fancy him, making many of the other patrons very jealous. 5 A peasant, using a false name and dressed like a nobleman, is buying everyone drinks.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, Mrs. Freeze’s cryo chamber was damaged. Now, Freeze ‘must’ steal to keep her chamber operating. When her chamber is damaged beyond repair, he swears revenge instead of trusting the matter to the authorities. ” In other words, you have to question his ethics. Here are three viewpoints to consider. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons Villains often do the right thing for selfish or evil reasons. Billy Zane’s character in Titanic is a great example.

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