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By Judith Thwaites

Every Early Years practitioner, together with childminders, can have a statutory responsibility to carry the hot Early Years Framework. This e-book will offer a realistic, dip-in source to assist them meet the necessities of the non-public, Social and Emotional sector of the framework.

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Invite each of the children during the operation, to ‘test’ the comfort, and to help make necessary adjustments before everyone snuggles in to appreciate the relaxing drinks, cuddle and book together. • Play the music throughout, or just at snuggling time. • Thank the children for their help in making it look so cosy, mentioning the touches that were added by individual children. 20 IDEA 18 Hush-a-bye Toddler Focus Group size Preparation/Resources Dispositions and Attitudes Self-confidence and Self-esteem Sense of Community Individual None The actions accompanying this traditional lullaby help to emphasize the comfort and security provided by the child’s carer.

That’s not right, is it? We need two shoes the same. Which shoes do you want to wear today, red or brown? ’ • The child can help to put everything back to ‘normal’ after the game. g. g. plastic bricks, wooden spoons, toy cars, clean socks • Let the children see you sorting out a pile of mixed items into the four boxes. Commentate on your actions: ‘Bricks in the blue box, spoons in the green box, socks in the black box . ’ • Invite the children to help you finish the task, providing a similar running commentary on their progress.

Focus Group size Preparation/Resources Dispositions and Attitudes Self-confidence and Self-esteem Individual or small Make 6–8 cards/A5 sheets of paper, into 3–4 matching pairs. Draw circles, ladybirds, cars, the baby’s initials in block letters or cut and paste pictures of toys from identical catalogues or from the internet Prepare pairs of other items such as matching cushions, pairs of bright gloves or socks, and play figures This game involves children in looking closely at a picture or object and persevering with finding a match.

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